Main Sponsors

Schilthornbahn www.schilthorn.ch Schilthorn - Piz Gloria
Mürren www.mymuerren.ch Mürren


Service Sponsors

Alpines Sportzentrum Mürren www.sportzentrum-muerren.ch Sportzentrum Mürren
Camping Jungfrau Lauterbrunnen www.campingjungfrau.ch Camping Jungfrau Lauterbrunnen
Fitnesspark Oberhofen www.fitnesspark-oberhofen.ch Fitnesspark Oberhofen
Isostar www.isostar.ch Isostar
Swiss Sportclinic www.swiss-sportclinic.ch Swiss Sportclinic


Diamond Partners

Bike Holiday www.bikeholiday.ch
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Bike Holiday
BLS AG www.bls.ch BLS AG
EWL Genossenschaft www.ewl.ch EWL Genossenschaft
Fit for Life www.fitforlife.ch Fit for Life
Hotelierverein Mürren www.hotelleriesuisse.ch Hotelierverein Mürren
Imboden Bike www.imboden-bike.ch Imboden Bike
Raiffeisenbank Lütschinentäler www.raiffeisen.ch Raiffeisenbank Lütschinentäler
Rugenbräu www.rugenbraeu.ch Rugenbräu
Skinfit Schweiz www.skinfit.eu Skinfit
Swimhohlic www.swimhohlic.com Swimholic


Inferno Partner

Beatushöhlen-Genossenschaft www.beatushoehlen.ch Beatushöhlen-Genossenschaft
BEKB / BCBE www.bekb.ch BEKB / BCBE
H&R Kaffee www.hr-gastro.ch H&R Kaffee
Niederhornbahn www.niederhorn.ch Niederhornbahn


Media Partner

Jungfrau Zeitung www.jungfrauzeitung.ch Jungfrau Zeitung


Flower Sponsors

Blumen Decor, Ringgenberg    
Blumenwerkstatt, Interlaken www.blumenwerkstatt.ch  
Gärtnerei B. Ryffel, Unterseen www.ryffel-unterseen.ch  
Gärtnerei Heiniger, Lauterbrunnen    
H. Gosteli AG, Matten www.hgosteliag.ch  


We wish to thank the many local partners from industry, tourism and politics as well as all the private individuals, who support the INFERNO with their services!

INFERNO is an attractive sponsoring partner and offers valuable return services! Your target group could be: athletes / helpers / companions / TV audience / VIPs!

Are you interested? Do not hesitate to contact Monika Keller, monika.keller@inferno.ch.