Athletes' Liability Declaration - INFERNO TRIATHLON - Mürren, Switzerland

Athletes' Liability Declaration

  1. As a participant in one of the INFERNO events (Triathlon, Team Trophy, Half-marathon & Relay, Mürren Fun Triathlon), I hereby agree to adhere by the rules and regulations listed in the entry announcement as well as the conditions laid down by the organisers according to the programme and athletes' briefing.
  2. I acknowledge and agree that I am solely responsible for my personal property and sports equipment during an INFERNO event and any associated activities.
  3. I confirm that I am physically fit to take part in my chosen INFERNO event, have trained appropriately for this event and that my fitness for participation has been certified by a medical doctor.
  4. I herewith agree that should it be necessary, I may receive medical treatment during the INFERNO event in the event of injury, accident and/or illness during the course of the race. I also agree that a doctor or referee may retire me from the race should my health be at risk.
  5. I agree to follow the instructions of the race organisers. I acknowledge and agree that I must drop out of the race should I not reach the control check points within the times stipulated in the entry announcement for the INFERNO Triathlon, the Team Trophy or the half-marathon.
  6. I am obligated to enter the race with technically faultless equipment and material, particularly the bicycles, which have been checked for functional suitability by an expert.
  7. I hereby consent to my name, starting number and photographs being used without restriction and free of charge by the media as far as this is related to my participation in the INFERNO event. Personal data of participants may be used for marketing purposes, but may not be disclosed to third parties.
  8. I release the organisers and helpers of the INFERNO event from all liability claims that are not covered by statutory liability insurance. Included are all direct and indirect damages as well as all claims, which I, my heirs, or other authorised third parties could assert should I sustain serious or fatal injuries during the event.
  9. I release the organisers and helpers of the INFERNO event from any liability claims by third parties as well as any damages caused to third parties through my participation at an INFERNO event.
  10. I accept that the organisers may have to change the programme and/or course, or that the event may be cancelled due to circumstances beyond their control or for reasons of an official nature. Should the route be altered or the event cancelled due to force majeure, the organizer is not obligated to refund the entry fee, either partially nor in full.
  11. I acknowledge that participation in an INFERNO event may be dangerous and the risk of serious injury or even a fatal accident cannot be excluded.

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