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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Questions about the INFERNO: From A for accommodation to T for torture.

Accommodation, alternative running course & athletes' briefing


Whether camping site, holiday apartment, guesthouse or hotel - along the INFERNO route there is a wide range of accommodation available.

Alternative running course

If the swimming discipline cannot be carried out due to the weather, a 3 km long running course must be completed in Oberhofen. Single athletes are therefore requested to bring their running clothes to the start in Thun if the weather is uncertain. Transport to Oberhofen for all athletes by boat from Thun Werft.

Athletes' Briefing

At the athletes' briefing on Friday at 18.00 in Mürren, final information about the course, weather and the race will be announced. Participation is strongly recommended for single athletes. There will be no athlete briefing for couples and teams.


Check-in, closing time for checkpoints, clothing transport & covid-19


On Friday from 12.00 to 17.00 in the transition zones Oberhofen (red bag with racing bike utensils), Grindelwald (yellow bag with bike utensils) and Stechelberg (blue bag with running utensils).
Attention: For teams (Team Trophy & Couples) there is no check-in the day before!

Closing time for checkpoints

For safety reasons the finish line is strictly adhered to. Participants will be taken out of the race if they do not reach the following transit times.
The following control conclusions apply to triathlon:

  • Oberhofen: 08.15
  • Grindelwald: 13.15
  • Stechelberg: 16.30
  • Mürren Sports Centre: 18.00
  • Schilthorn (finish): 20.30

Half marathon:

  • Mürren: 12.30
  • Schilthorn (finish): 14.45

Clothing transport

Single athlete triathlon:

  • From Thun to the Schilthorn (green bag)
  • From Mürren sports centre to the Aegerten food station (Mürren)

Half marathon:

  • Dispensing of clothes bags for the transport of dry clothes to the Schilthorn takes place at the start

Covid-19 information

Depending on the current situation, a corresponding protection concept will apply to INFERNO 2021. Appropriate measures will be communicated on the website as early as possible. If the organization decides that the INFERNO 2021 cannot take place due to Covid-19, the registered participants can choose whether they wish to:

  • postpone the starting place to 2022
  • make a (partial) donation to the organization
  • would like to have the entry fee refunded minus a processing fee of CHF 50.00 (triathlon) or CHF 20.00 (half marathon)

Data-chip / timing-chip, day licence & driving bans

Data-chip / timing-chip

The chip must be worn on the left foot.
Singles: Hand in at the check-in on Friday in Oberhofen.
Teams: Hand in before the start in Thun on Saturday (hand in in the transition area to team members only after the red mat!

Day licence

The INFERNO TRIATHLON is subject to license. Day licences can be purchased at the online registration or at the check-in in Oberhofen (payment on site in cash or by card). Foreign (annual) licenses are valid.

Driving bans

Driving bans for motor vehicles apply to the Grosse Scheidegg, Kleine Scheidegg and Grön (between Sigriswil and Beatenberg). No support vehicles are allowed on these routes.



Every finisher a winner!


Grosse Scheidegg

Caution is advised on the steep and narrow downhill run on the racing bike from Grosse Scheidegg. Make way for oncoming post buses.


Headphones, headwind & helmet

Headphones / headsets

Driving with headphones & headsets is not allowed.


Depending on the weather conditions, the treacherous head wind on Lake Thun can turn the swim course into a strenuous discipline.


Wearing a hard-shell helmet is mandatory on both the road bike and MTB tracks.


Info-service live & Isostar

Info-service live

The information service will be available from the beginning of August. The athletes can be followed live via app or SMS. More about this on: www.datasport.com/live


Since the first INFERNO Triathlon in 1998, we and the athletes have been able to rely on the competition catering of our partner Isostar.


Liability & littering


The organizer can change the route at any time. In case of changes of the course or cancellation of the event due to force majeure, the organizer is not obliged to refund the entry fee.


Please throw away rubbish directly at the food stations, otherwise carry it to the next station. Throwing away bottles or other rubbish outside the food zones is prohibited and will lead to disqualification.


Mountain bike & mountain run

Mountain bike

The mountain bike course may only be completed with a mountain bike that conforms to the regulations: no road racing handlebars, tyre diameter at least 38mm (1.5"), no aerobars.

Mountain run

No accompaniment and no sticks are allowed on the mountain run course.



A full body wetsuit is mandatory for the swimming discipline.


Parking spaces, preparation & prize distribution

Parking spaces

Parking spaces for supporters are signalled. Please pay special attention to the exact information in the athlete briefing, which will be available in August.


Competitions like the INFERNO Triathlon require thorough and serious preparation. Experienced INFERNO participants offer you their experience as part of the training plan.

Prize distribution

The award ceremonies take place at the Alpine Sports Centre in Mürren. The prizes will only be handed in personally.


Registration start & road bike

Registration start

The start of registration for 2021 is on 11 November 2020. We recommend that you register directly online - the links can be found on the homepage at the given time.

Road bike

The road bike course takes place on public roads that are not closed for the race. The road traffic law applies. Violations will be punished with disqualification.


Safety, Schilthorn, slipstream driving, start in Thun, sunset, support, swim warm-up & Swiss Tri


The safety of the athletes is the top priority at INFERNO. The organizer reserves the right to change routes or cancel disciplines if the safety of all participants cannot be guaranteed.


Reaching your destination on the Schilthorn triggers unforgettable feelings of happiness. Attention: danger of addiction!

Slipstream driving

Slipstream driving (also behind motor vehicles, 35m drafting zone) is forbidden for ALL categories and will be punished with time penalty (repeated case: disqualification).

Start in Thun

The journey to the start is by the athletes' bus from Stechelberg (bottom station Schilthornbahn) - departure 04.50. Arrival to Thun by private car is also possible - there are signposted parking spaces available behind the Hotel Holiday (Parkplatz Supporter). Arrival via A6 (exit Thun-Süd). Please arrive early, as only a limited number of parking spaces are available. Free parking only with 'Team Trophy' sticker until max 09.00.


Insider tip from the race director: If the weather is fine, the finishers who reach the finish line on the Schilthorn after 20.00 will experience wonderful sunsets!


The INFERNO participants are happy about the support of spectators along the course!

Swim warm-up

Before the competition, the pools of the Thun lido are available for a swimming warm-up.

Swiss Tri

The INFERNO Triathlon and Team Trophy are held according to the regulations of the Swiss Triathlon Federation (see www.swisstriathlon.ch). The race will be accompanied by referees from Swiss Tri.


Torture, traffic rules & transition zones


The INFERNO Triathlon, with its 5,500 metres of incline, is considered one of the toughest triathlons in the world. On the way, it is quite possible that one or the other participant will have to torture himself or herself a little. But the finish is all the more beautiful and emotional afterwards.

Traffic rules

The roads are not cordoned off, so there is zero tolerance for non-compliance with traffic regulations. Disregarding the instructions of the marshals or not following the traffic rules leads to immediate disqualification!

Transition zones

In the transition zones in Oberhofen, Grindelwald and Stechelberg all material has to be deposited at the check-in on Friday. The organiser will transport the participants' material to the Stechelberg transition area after the race. Here the material can be collected on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.


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